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2020最新微信扫雷群ways to finance your studies

2020最新微信扫雷群pursuing an mba, a phd or an executive education program is one of the best investments you will make in your personal and professional development. deciding how to finance your studies and make the investment possible takes careful research and planning. we have agreements with public and private institutions, and our students tend to choose one of these options. but they are by no means mandatory.

Agreements with lenders: Private sector

Agreements with lenders: Public sector


a number of scholarships are available to incoming iese students. iese scholarship applications should be completed and submitted within the mba application form to the admissions department.

IESE Trust Scholarships

the iese trust awards 20 to 30 scholarships to students with outstanding academic records, excellent professional experience and personal merit. scholarships can cover up to €45,000 of tuition fees. please note that living expenses are not covered by any of the scholarships. the trust scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the scholarship committee.

The MBA Admissions Scholarship

the mba admissions department grants scholarships to outstanding candidates with verifiable financial constraints.

Forté Fellowships

2020最新微信扫雷群forté fellowships are open to all female applicants. candidates should exhibit exemplary leadership through academic, team, community and creative leadership. candidates should demonstrate a commitment to women and represent diverse educational and work backgrounds, career goals, ethnicities and citizenship. the maximum amount of the scholarship is one year’s tuition fees.

IESE Africa Scholarship

iese awards up to three scholarships covering up to 100% of the mba tuition fees. to be eligible, candidates must be nationals of africa and have demonstrated exceptional work experience and personal merit. this scholarship is available to those who apply within our r1 & r2 application deadlines (before jan. 8, 2019).

Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

2020最新微信扫雷群the mba program welcomes professionals from developing economies. these scholarships support outstanding candidates who live and work in a developing country.

Scholarships for Women

iese is committed to increasing the number of women leaders in business. these scholarships support women with a track record of outstanding professional accomplishment.

Scholarship for Students with Children

2020最新微信扫雷群iese welcomes students with families and grants scholarships for students who, in the opinion of the scholarship committee, deserve financial aid.

IESE Alumni Association Scholarships

the iese alumni association awards five scholarships covering up to 50% of tuition fees for the first and second year of the mba program. these scholarships are for future mba students who have demonstrated exceptional work experience and personal merit.

Excellence Scholarship

scholarships will be awarded to those students who demonstrate academic merit together with an outstanding professional background.

Woman Talent Scholarship

scholarships available to women with a high leadership potential.

Entrepreneurship Scholarship

scholarships will be awarded to entrepreneurship students who have launched or are launching a new business.

for more information visit the page.

2020最新微信扫雷群iese’s mission is to help develop outstanding business leaders across the world. we offer a range of scholarships for the global executive mba program to managers, executives and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated the potential to make a positive impact on the global business community.

2020最新微信扫雷群iese is particularly interested in contributing to the development of:

  • entrepreneurs and innovators who can create economic and social value
  • women who lead and inspire
  • public sector leaders who contribute to shaping society
  • business leaders in growth markets with the skills and expertise to grow their companies
  • senior executives of global organizations who seek to fulfill their real potential in leadership positions


as a prerequisite, scholarship applicants must have already been admitted to the iese global executive mba program. on admission, eligible candidates will be invited to apply for the scholarship of their choice.

key rules:

  • Admitted candidates who are fully or partially sponsored by their companies will not be eligible for scholarships.
  • Applications can only be submitted for one specific scholarship.
  • Although admission to the program is deferrable, scholarships are not.


jurors are global business leaders who collaborate actively with iese. they will base their decisions on the candidate’s:

  • academic merit
  • leadership experience
  • impact on his/her company and society
  • admissions interview evaluation

2020最新微信扫雷群in addition to iese scholarships, many students finance their studies through scholarship programs funded and administered by external organizations. though iese does not administer or select for these organizations, we are ready to support students in any aspect of their application process. some foundations also rely on iese to carry out an initial screening of candidates.

You will find all scholarships available for you in FAO Search engine.

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IESE’s Financial Aid Office is here to help you understand what financing options you have. Our many years of experience in counseling students allow us to help you find the option that suits you best.


1. Explore and analyze all financial options for financing your IESE program.

2. Get several rate quotes on MBA loans2020最新微信扫雷群 and compare them in order to choose the best offer.

32020最新微信扫雷群. Check your local finance providers and consider taking a loan in your local currency. Take into account exchange rate fluctuations, which may impact your loan repayment in the future.

4. Check out this website to look at different financing options.

5. Prepare a spreadsheet of your living costs and tuition fees, including the loan payments. Be aware that some loans require monthly payments during the study period. These payments can be interest only or principal plus interest.

62020最新微信扫雷群. Prepare all documents required for securing a loan before leaving your home country and bring them to Barcelona.

7. Apply for your loans as early as possible. Full-time MBA students should secure funding and send a financial proof to the Financial Aid Office before July 15.

8. For Spanish loans and other banking operations, obtain your NIE (Spanish residence permit) as soon as you arrive in Barcelona.

9. Remember that IESE’s Commitment and Reservation Fees are not covered by loans offered at IESE.

10. All full-time MBA students should send their financial plan, according to dates provided by the Financial Aid Office.

11. Take into account that loan amounts and interest rates depend on the risk profile of each candidate: a student’s loans, debt and savings, along with country risks such as an exchange rate volatility.

1. Establish a good and stable relationship with your loan/scholarship provider. Whether it’s a bank or private lender, know who your contact person is and keep your contact data updated, especially when leaving Barcelona.

2. Make sure you know your tuition payment due dates (monthly) and exact amount. In the case of loans, make sure that the bank has all information and is transferring the funds by the deadline.

3. Pay tuition according to the school tuition deadline.

42020最新微信扫雷群. In case you opt for the Bank Sabadell loan, remember to sign the loan in October (first week) and not before. From that moment, you will have to pay interest and your deferment period starts.

5. In case of the Bank Sabadell loan, check that you have authorized the bank to send payment for the second year tuition.

62020最新微信扫雷群. In case of the U.S. Federal loans, remember about restrictions regarding the international module in New York, internship and exchange program in the U.S. and in any other ineligible school.

7. If your loan is in a different currency than your national one, take measures to ensure future payments regardless of exchange rate fluctuations.

1. Meet your loan repayment schedule. If you’re going to miss a payment for any reason, be proactive and work with the lender in advance to find solutions before it triggers any procedure against you.

2. School loan conditions for incoming students depend on the payment behavior of all IESE students.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer various scholarships and loan programs. Consult this website for different scholarships and loans available.

Yes, all candidates can apply for scholarships2020最新微信扫雷群 available and all admitted students can apply for loans.

It’s possible to cover the full cost through a mix of loans and scholarships. Consult this website for different scholarships and loans available.

All candidates, including international candidates, can apply for scholarships available and all admitted students can apply for loans. Please consult the list of scholarships2020最新微信扫雷群 available on this website.

we recommend you start planning your funding at the same time as you decide to do an mba.

The Financial Aid Office supports all students in their relationship with banks. If you need our help, contact us at Financial Aid Office. Regarding scholarships, contact the MBA Admissions team in order to receive more information about scholarships available.

Yes, all admitted students are eligible to apply for financial aid, whether it is scholarships or loans. Consult this website for different scholarships and loans available.

Once you are admitted to the program, you can apply for one of the loans available at IESE. You will receive a letter with further instructions from the Financial Aid Office soon after being admitted.

Yes, international students have various loan options. Consult this website for further information.

You should apply for loans as soon as you are admitted to the program and at least 2-3 months before your program starts. For the incoming students of the full-time MBA program, you will receive a letter from the Financial Aid Office including deadlines for submitting your financial plan.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at the email faohelp@changbj.com and we’ll provide you with all the necessary information.

It is not usually required, but if you can provide a bank guarantee (in the case of the Bank Sabadell loan), conditions of the loan may be more attractive with guarantees.

Yes. Please consult the following list of external aid available.

Contact the Admissions Department of the program2020最新微信扫雷群 for which you are applying.

the bank evaluates the student’s credit capacity on a case-by-case basis prior to granting a loan. loan amounts and interest rates depend on the risk profile of each candidate: a student’s loans, debt and savings, along with country risks such as exchange rate volatility.

yes. iese is registered with the u.s. department of education as an accredited foreign school and is eligible to disburse u.s. federal loans (stafford loan and graduate plus loan) through the direct loan program for full-time mba program students. there is further information .

the fee for the full-time mba program starting in september 2019 is €89,950. consult the for further information regarding costs.

please consult our for information on the cost of living in barcelona.