Research Centers

our research centers are led by senior professors who are recognized experts in their fields, supported by a team of researchers and assistants. partner companies and organizations collaborate with our centers to define research objectives.

Center for Business in Society (CBS)

2020最新微信扫雷群center for business in society (cbs)

promoting social responsibility and sustainable development in businesses, with a humanistic approach and an international scope.

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Center for Corporate Governance (CCG)

2020最新微信扫雷群center for corporate governance (ccg)

generating impactful ideas grounded in evidence-based research to advance the theory and practice of governance and offer practitioners insights for their decision-making.

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Center for Globalization and Strategy (CGS)

2020最新微信扫雷群center for globalization and strategy (cgs)

helping companies to understand and manage the impact of globalization, and to develop strategies of internationalization.

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Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM)

2020最新微信扫雷群center for research in healthcare innovation management (crhim)

improving management knowledge within the health sector, through innovations in service provision and technology, alongside changes in the way care is provided and organized.

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Center for Innovation Marketing and Strategy (CIMS)

center for innovation marketing and strategy (cims)

encouraging research that brings new insights to firms and enables them to extract more commercial and strategic value from their innovation efforts.

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Center for International Finance (CIF)

center for international finance (cif)

2020最新微信扫雷群developing new finance tools and models to respond to the changes taking place in the sector and to the effects those changes have on business.

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International Center for Logistics Research (CIIL)

international center for logistics research (ciil)

supporting the senior management of companies of any size and in any sector, and seeking to leverage change competitively and to improve company operations continuously.

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Center for Public Leadership and Government (CPLG)

2020最新微信扫雷群center for public leadership and government (cplg)

2020最新微信扫雷群putting into practice the belief that an efficient public administration translates into social progress and a more competitive economy.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC)

2020最新微信扫雷群entrepreneurship and innovation center (eic)

creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, faculty, participants, students, alumni and anyone wishing to start a new business or invest in new business projects.

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International Center for Work and Family (ICWF)

international center for work and family (icwf)

helping organizations to create a family-responsible corporate culture, which we believe is essential for the well-being of societies, organizations, and individuals.

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Institute for Media and Entertainment (IME)

institute for media and entertainment (ime)

2020最新微信扫雷群serving as a meeting point for the communications industry that aims to enhance media quality and competitiveness.

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Public-Private Sector Research Center (PPSRC)

public-private sector research center (ppsrc)

fostering cooperation between the private sector and public administrations, and encouraging the exchange of ideas and initiatives through dialogue, research and education.

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