our chairs, the fruit of our relationships with leading companies and foundations, pursue advanced research in specific business areas and are led by senior professors who are recognized experts in their field.

Abertis Chair of Regulation, Competition and Public Policy

abertis chair of regulation, competition and public policy

developing research projects and generating knowledge in the areas of regulation, competition and public policy.

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Banco Sabadell Chair of Emerging Markets

banco sabadell chair of emerging markets

helping to increase knowledge of emerging countries – a growing portion of the global economy – and offering training in this field.

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Bertrán Foundation Chair of Entrepreneurship

2020最新微信扫雷群bertrán foundation chair of entrepreneurship

promoting entrepreneurship by means of research, information dissemination and awareness-raising activities for entrepreneurs and company managers.

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CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility

caixabank chair of corporate social responsibility

2020最新微信扫雷群sharing the commitment of caixabank and iese to foment, promote and disseminate new knowledge about corporate social responsibility in academic and business contexts.

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Carl Schroeder Chair in Strategic Management

2020最新微信扫雷群carl schroeder chair in strategic management

2020最新微信扫雷群fostering research in strategic management and business strategy, analyzing topics from technology-induced shifts in business models to global trends to offshore operations.

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Carmina Roca and Rafael Pich-Aguilera Women and Leadership Chair

2020最新微信扫雷群carmina roca and rafael pich-aguilera women and leadership chair

2020最新微信扫雷群generating knowledge on strategies to integrate women in business organizations, and to facilitate their advancement and development.

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CELSA Chair of Competitiveness in Manufacturing

celsa chair of competitiveness in manufacturing

producing research and disseminating knowledge about competitiveness in the industrial sector and the crucial economic role of industry.

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Chair of Business Ethics

chair of business ethics

promoting ethics and humanism in the business world, and working to overcome the longstanding separation between ethics and economic and business activities.

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Chair of Family-Owned Business

chair of family-owned business

promoting the success of family-owned businesses across generations, by analyzing issues such as governance, succession and growth management.

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Crèdit Andorrà Chair of Markets, Organizations and Humanism

2020最新微信扫雷群crèdit andorrà chair of markets, organizations and humanism

researching fields related to markets, organizations and the human facet of companies, with special emphasis on the importance of people in business management.

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Eurest Chair of Excellence in Services

eurest chair of excellence in services

advancing knowledge on how organizations can achieve excellence in service delivery, why should they achieve it, and how they can be innovative in this area.

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Fuel Freedom Chair for Energy and Social Development

fuel freedom chair for energy and social development

mitigating energy poverty through research, energy education and knowledge transfer, in order to increase access to affordable fuels in developing countries.

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Grupo Santander Chair of Financial Institutions and Corporate Governance

grupo santander chair of financial institutions and corporate governance

2020最新微信扫雷群promoting research on financial institutions and corporate governance, including issues such as transparency in directors' pay and value creation in mergers and acquisitions.

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IESE Foundation Chair of Corporate Governance

2020最新微信扫雷群iese foundation chair of corporate governance

advancing good corporate governance, the key to improving results over the long term and developing an organizational culture based on sound management, accountability and ethics.

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Indra Chair of Digital Strategy

indra chair of digital strategy

generating new strategies to transform the digital sector and the companies that operate within it, analyzing issues such as smart infrastructures, social networks and 24/7 connectivity.

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Intent HQ Chair on Changing Consumer Behavior

2020最新微信扫雷群intent hq chair on changing consumer behavior

2020最新微信扫雷群producing research on the latest global trends in consumer behavior and helping inform and train executives to meet the demands of current and future consumers.

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Jaime Grego Chair of Healthcare Management

2020最新微信扫雷群jaime grego chair of healthcare management

2020最新微信扫雷群advancing knowledge in health economics and health policy, with an eye to transforming the healthcare industry by providing new frameworks for innovation and management.

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Joaquim Molins Figueras Chair of Strategic Alliances

2020最新微信扫雷群joaquim molins figueras chair of strategic alliances

generating and transferring knowledge related to the design and implementation of strategic alliances that enable companies to carry them out effectively.

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José Felipe Bertrán Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration

josé felipe bertrán chair of governance and leadership in public administration

2020最新微信扫雷群developing conceptual frameworks and promoting rigorous reflection on public affairs which will translate into management improvements that impact competitiveness.

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Nissan Chair for Corporate Strategy and International Competitiveness

nissan chair for corporate strategy and international competitiveness

aspiring to become a global leader in research on the interdependent relationship between the competitiveness of countries and businesses.

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Novartis Chair on Operational Excellence in the Health Sector

novartis chair on operational excellence in the health sector

2020最新微信扫雷群through analysis and research, seeking ways to improve operational excellence in the healthcare industry for companies and providers as well as patients .

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Chair of Corporate Finance

pricewaterhousecoopers chair of corporate finance

advancing knowledge of the financial aspects of businesses, including the valuation of companies and their units and the financing of projects.

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Puig Chair of Global Leadership Development

2020最新微信扫雷群puig chair of global leadership development

creating a hub of knowledge and practice with international impact, to help understand and apply theory and management policy on leadership development by global companies.

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Schneider Electric Sustainability and Business Strategy Chair

2020最新微信扫雷群schneider electric sustainability and business strategy chair

examining the strategic management models and governance measures that contribute to a sustainable future.

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SEAT Chair of Innovation

2020最新微信扫雷群seat chair of innovation

focusing on leading research and producing new knowledge primarily in the field of management innovation.

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