Academic Departments

2020最新微信扫雷群our academic expertise is grouped into 11 distinct academic departments that cover the broad spectrum of global business. each department delivers world-class research and specialist knowledge rooted in a solid ethical base to make a positive and deep impact on the way the world does business.

Accounting & Control

accounting & control

2020最新微信扫雷群our accounting and control department prepares future managers to take successful operative and strategic business decisions based on the effective measurement and communication of business activities.

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Business Ethics

2020最新微信扫雷群business ethics

2020最新微信扫雷群our department of business ethics is committed to advancing the iese mission of serving society, and especially the business world, through teaching, research and consulting.

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2020最新微信扫雷群our economics department focuses on the analysis of critical socio-economic factors that affect the business environment. paramount among the department's areas of study is the macroeconomic context of a free market economy.

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2020最新微信扫雷群our entrepreneurship department focuses on new venture creation, as well as entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management within existing organizations. entrepreneurial skills development is central to our mba program. reflecting this, more than a third of our alumni have participated in the creation of a company sometime during their careers.

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Financial Management

2020最新微信扫雷群financial management

our financial management department is dedicated to research, teaching and consulting focused on finance and related business areas. the department emphasizes financial theory (concepts, methodology and the latest research), as well as the problems and challenges that managers face in the rapidly changing and highly competitive business world.

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Information Systems

information systems

2020最新微信扫雷群our information systems department focuses on is as an integral part of the company's management infrastructure, like other management systems such as control or incentive systems. the department seeks to help future managers develop decision-making skills as they relate to is and information technology by emphasizing the key roles these areas play in attaining the firm's objectives.

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Managerial Decision Sciences

managerial decision sciences

iese’s department of managerial decision sciences provides managers with state of the art tools to help them integrate analytical results with intuition in an effective way.

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Managing People in Organizations

managing people in organizations

2020最新微信扫雷群our department of managing people in organizations is focused on the dynamics of management action, as well as the role of human resource management and labor relations in business strategy.

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our marketing department is focused on providing future managers a comprehensive understanding of the development and implementation of successful strategic marketing practices.

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Production, Technology and Operations Management

2020最新微信扫雷群production, technology and operations management

2020最新微信扫雷群our production, technology and operations management department is focused on the strategic optimization of competitiveness through the design, implementation and continuous improvement of operations.

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Strategic Management

2020最新微信扫雷群strategic management

our strategic management department focuses its teaching and research activities on the main tasks of senior management in the development and practice of strategy in organizations. in a broad sense, strategic management is the key distinctive task of a general manager.

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