A Global School

A Global School

the spirit of iese is intrinsically international. we want our mission of forming leaders who have a positive impact to reach every continent. for this reason, since 1967, we’ve collaborated with academics and business leaders from all over the world, along with other top-level business schools such as harvard business school. in addition, we helped set up and have developed the largest network of associated business schools in the world.

Associated schools and exchange programs

Associated schools
International exchange schools

The largest network of associated schools in the world

2020最新微信扫雷群iese has contributed to the founding and development of a network of 15 associated business schools, mainly in latin america and africa, but also in europe and asia. together, these schools help drive our mission worldwide, reaching more than 300,000 alumni and thousands of companies on these continents.

Alongside HBS from the start

Alongside HBS from the start

IESE and Harvard Business School have maintained a privileged relationship for more than 50 years. The Harvard-IESE Committee, created in 1963 to help guide IESE’s growth and the design of its programs, was instrumental to the launch of the IESE MBA in 1964, the first two-year program of its kind in Europe. Today, the two institutions continue to work hand-in-hand through this Committee and through joint international executive education programs.

                                              Academic Alliances

Academic Alliances2020最新微信扫雷群

2020最新微信扫雷群in response to the ever-growing complexity of a globalized and interconnected business landscape, we have built alliances with international business schools to carry out programs. among these alliances, harvard business school, wharton and china-europe business school stand out.

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                                              Exchange Partnerships

we have mba student exchange agreements with more than 25 of the best business schools in the world. exchange programs make up one of the most dynamic elements of the students’ learning experience. in addition to the enriching global and academic dimension of the exchanges for students, they also provide them with the opportunity to expand their networks.

IESE Annual Report

the iese annual report is a concise yet complete account of all iese’s operations and the governance of the school. click to download this year’s report and to access those from previous years.

Annual Report